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How To Create "A New Face" Without Surgery

Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Beauty goes through changes as we get older, so sometimes the beauty is a little different with age and sometimes more distinct. Beauty is very subjective and in some ways not permanent, so change is a huge leap for most women. It can be challenging and we do not want to see patients scared of ageing. Psychologically, good looks have a far greater impact on our emotional state than you might think.

The majority of women who have cosmetic procedures are about to change their lives. Women tend to come to my clinic for a number of reasons, it could be because of other big changes in their lives such as for new work, a wedding, a breakup or divorce, an overseas trip or just getting older, but usually, they don’t want drastic changes.

Nothing is as difficult as simplicity, and simplicity is exactly what Dr. Roberts wants to achieve a form of beauty. He likes the idea of creating beauty by accentuating a woman’s curves and graceful shape of the face. During the first visit, Dr. Roberts will plan and design the stages of improvement by injecting different fillers or performing procedures in different depths of the skin. This is like sculpting or remodelling the face accordingly to the current appearance to restore the previous beauty.

The face for Dr. Roberts is like a workspace that is not yet fully inhabited. Where there are empty planes and curves he has to add additional fillers and relax the muscles to achieve perfection to match the geometry of the face.

Dr. Roberts was inspired by makeup artists how to convey the lightness and ease of such an individual face with more beautiful curves and fullness.

We are always impressed how a woman with her own distinct personal style will work the right procedure into her beauty. We looked back at the before and after photos and were struck by how good and relevant the improvement is visible after the treatment with unbelievably soft skin and distinctive features.

We all love a good product or procedure, however, my advice is to use them in stages, not all at once. Some patients have a love/hate relationship with their beauty. Therefore, it is important to find someone to guide you through how to create a good look. Happiness is not only about the cosmetic issue, but also about a good diet and exercise to keep your family together and to boost your emotional well-being and your confidence.

Most of the procedures are available for under $700.00 and only the operations reach four-digit prices. To see some of our results, visit our Cosmetic Procedures – Face gallery on our website at

Dr Roberts’ extended experience in both the dermatological and surgical specialties has enabled him to develop a holistic approach in the cosmetic and beauty industry. His practice is focused on achieving natural looking beauty by the application of both surgical and non-surgical skills.