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Skin Mole Removal

Cosmetic Mole Removal 

The term mole is often used too broadly to describe many different skin conditions. Moles (naevus) in the majority of cases are benign, but in some cases may be malignant. There is a huge variety of moles, including: freckles, lentigo, junctional, compound and intradermal. There are also moles with capillaries, hair, veins and pigmentation, as well as displastic and malignant ones. All of them should be assessed using a magnifying lens, and some will require a biopsy. The final decision as to how to treat them depends on the diagnosis, the nature of the mole and the specific place where the lesion is present. Sometimes they require excision, sometimes we can treat them with a laser and sometimes we will need to remove with a sizable margin if we are dealing with skin cancer or melanoma.

Check out our gallery to see mole removal procedure performed in Cosmetic Medical Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks of having a mole removed?

Mole removal is very common and it is a safe and simple procedure with very low risk. However, as with any surgical procedure, there are potential side-effects such as infection, bleeding and scarring. It is important to have a proper diagnosis first.

Will I have a scar?

Yes, you will have more or less visible scarring. However, very superficial moles can be removed by laser without a scar.

Does it hurt?

Slight stinging with local for a few seconds.

What happens following the removal procedure?

Following the procedure, you will have an open wound approximately 2-5mm in diameter, which will be covered by a band-aid for about 10-14 days. It may appear a little like a cold sore. Later, there may be some redness for a few weeks and at this time you can cover this spot with makeup.


The cost can be between $350-$450 per session, sometimes with partial rebate on Medicare.

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