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Asian Double Eyelid Treatment and Surgery Sydney

Double Eyelid Scarless Surgery for Asian Eyes

The Asian fascination with the double eyelid began many centuries ago. The double eyelid is a characteristic that gives the eye an attractive, more beautiful appearance, and a great majority of Asians are born with these creases in their eyelids. However, 30-40% are not.

Correction of the eyelid is the most popular cosmetic surgery among Asians worldwide. But still, eye areas are sensitive, the procedure needs to be done carefully and professionally in order to obtain the best possible results.   

As the technology improved, the new eyelid correction surgery is now scarless and gives a natural appearance. The new stitching technique affixes the skin to the cartilage of the upper eyelid. The patients will get local anaesthetics to numb the facial area during surgery, so they won't feel any pain while the operation is occurring.

Check out our gallery to view before-after photos of our eyelid correction surgery progress.


Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the traditional and the stitching technique?

The traditional (open technique) of correcting a double eyelid involves cutting the skin, which can result in a more visible scar. The revolutionary stitching technique is scarless and gives a natural appearance.

How is the surgery done?

Through this technique the surgeon passes the needle and thread through the skin and the cartilage inside the eyelid. Done in a specific way, this creates a loop and makes a tiny, imperceptible scar which holds the tissue in place. The Surgeon has to use three or four stitches for each eyelid. This new stitching technique affixes the skin to the cartilage of the upper eyelid.

Deciding on an operation

During the initial consultation the surgeon will make a thorough evaluation of the eyelid to determine whether and what kind of surgery is indicated, and will then discuss any questions and concerns relating to the surgery.

Keeping you comfortable

Pre-operative medications to relieve tension and local anaesthetics to numb the facial area during surgery are commonly administered. This assists in keeping you comfortable and free of pain during and after the operation. If desired, an intravenous sedation can be administered.

Is the stitching method suitable for all Asian patients?

The method is not appropriate for all patients, especially when a patient has a lot of fat in the eyelid or if the skin is too excessive. For these patients, the open technique is still the best option. However, in the majority of young patients, the stitching technique offers a very good alternative.

What possible side effects can we expect after the operation?

After the operation, swelling and bruising is minimal, and subsides in 24-48 hours. Patients usually return to work two or three days after the procedure. There may be mild discomfort for a short time after surgery, and this can easily be controlled by taking Paracetamol and applying eye drops.

The risks

Risks are minimal. There are inherent risks in any surgical procedure, however these will be discussed thoroughly with your cosmetic surgeon during your consultation. Many thousands of successful eyelid operations are performed each year.

The costs

Fees for cosmetic surgery and operative facilities vary widely and depend on the extent and complexity of the surgery. Please discuss this with the doctor at the time of your consultation. As a guideline, the cost of Asian Double Eyelid Surgery is approximately $3000.

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